Retail Efficiency Builders

Streamline Your Business. Improve Your Bottom Line.

So, you have a great touch screen POS cash register. Now what? One of the main reasons to consider investing in a retail point of sale system is that it’s more than just a cash register – everything about it should improve your overall retail efficiency.

The POS system for your retail or grocery store should serve as the infrastructure for a variety of retail efficiency systems and strategies to reduce transaction friction, improve operational efficiency, reduce labour, and streamline your retail business. In short, a good retail management system should reduce the number of manual tasks to get a single job done, eliminate duplication of systems and service providers, and connect and improve synergies between systems to exponentially multiply the productivity of your team.

The following efficiencies enable the retailer to improve the effectiveness of their retail processes simply through Catapult’s built-in unified transaction logic – that all information can be interconnected and leveraged at a single source to exponentially improve it’s benefit to the business.

Electronic shelf labels improve retail efficiency by increasing accuracy and labour reduction.Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic shelf labels help the merchant save time with automatic price updates, store operations and task management. It’s more cost-efficient than paper and improves your customers’ experience with accurate, reliable pricing. The best part is, electronic price labels interface with the Catapult Retail POS System so that when you update the cost and retail prices in your point of sale system, they automatically change at the shelf. Now that is an improvement in retail efficiency.

Increase retail efficiency through Catapult WebCart retail eCommerce platform.WebCart eCommerce Click & Collect

Catapult WebCart is a revolutionary click-and-collect solution that allows brick and mortar stores to step seamlessly into the digital realm. Click and Collect 2.0 represents a next generation approach to retailing, the ability to complete a transaction online, and receive the same dynamic transactional experience when shopping in the store, no matter how complex the transaction. Because WebCart is natively a part of the Catapult Retail Suite of products, there is no need to maintain a separate database online while maintaining your brick and mortar database. When items are added and edited in-store, they can automatically be updated online, saving your staff potentially hundreds of hours in product maintenance. The retail efficiency doesn’t end there. Because WebCart is a part of Catapult POS, discounts and transaction modification seamlessly translate on both platforms – never again will you be told that a promotion or discount can only be in-store because it doesn’t translate correctly to your eCommerce website!

Catapult provides retail efficiency via built in customer marketing and loyalty programs.Customer Loyalty & Marketing

Catapult’s reliable and revolutionary marketing and loyalty platform requires no additional third-parties to offer a full-spectrum solution. From one commerce platform, a retailer can increase the size and lifetime value of their customer base, calibrate email marketing campaigns, manage points and punch card promotions, and access membership data. Using Catapult a retailer can gain retail efficiency by creating a loyalty points program unique to their business, while maintaining their own customer database and not reliant on messy and expensive 3rd party integrations.


Gain Retail Efficiency with Catapult's Payroll Deduction ModulePayroll Deduction

Catapult’s Payroll Deduction Module allows retail and corporate enterprises allowing employees to make on-premise purchases, charge it at the POS to accounts receivable or a “house account”, and a record of the transactions are then exported for the purposes of payroll deduction. Eliminating the laborious manual accounting of every transaction, the Payroll Deduction IP module, is part of the Catapult Integration Host middle-ware platform, and provides Catapult users with a turnkey solution for exchanging employee charge and payment data with 3rd party corporate payroll systems.


Integrated Payments Provide Enormous Retail EfficiencyIntegrated Payments

No matter how your customers choose to pay for purchases at the point of sale, Catapult empowers merchants by providing fast, secure, integrated payments to major electronic payment processing companies. When you partner with Armagh, lightning fast transaction times, reduced possibility for errors, and less reconciliation labour are all within reach.




Gain Retail Efficiency with the AutoScale 100 Grocery ScaleScale Management

The Catapult AutoScale 100 is a revolutionary concept in grocery scale management. The AutoScale 100 is actually running the Catapult POS software on a touch screen retail scale, which provides it with all the benefits of a single-platform solution, while eliminating all the downside of 3rd party integration cost and complexity. For those already running an existing fleet of scales and are looking to connect, Catapult also integrates to 3rd party scale interface software (“middleware”) to connect to grocery and deli scales to streamline fresh foods management. Both AutoScale 100 and middleware integration technologies enables accurate pricing, margin control, easy promotion maintenance, and simplifies management of fresh food items in the store.