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Armagh offers point-of-sale systems for garden centres in the Cambridge area. Contact us about garden centre POS systems. Our consultants can help with a garden centre POS solution for your needs. 

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Catapult POS For Garden Centres

Catapult POS For Garden CentresEasy To Use Point of Sale

Seasonal operations like garden centres appreciate the easy to use design of Catapult’s “Cash Register Emulation” technology which mimics the simplest old fashioned cash registers while providing the sophisticated point of sale features that modern merchants demand.

The touch screens have been carefully designed by Catapult POS engineers to lead the cashier through the transaction from beginning to end in an intuitive way with plenty of visual prompts and descriptive communication.

Ruggedized Retail Hardware

When the bulk of your retail season begins and ends in a 90 day period, you don’t need flimsy excuses, you need solid solutions. That’s why Armagh uses ruggedized retail POS hardware for all our implementations in garden centres. We understand you need bright screens to compete with the outdoor sunlight, self-cooling and dust resistant CPUs, and liquid resistant designs to better survive the elements.

When things do go wrong, we’re there to help. Our technicians are factory trained, have access to the parts and resources to solve problems fast, and are available onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mobile POS

One thing almost all garden centres have in common – huge floor spaces and vast outdoor areas make system management and customer service a challenge. To assist with this Catapult POS provides a variety of mobile POS solutions to make it easier for merchants to manage inventory or do a sale, anywhere in the garden centre. Look-up, scan, pre-sell, price check, check inventory quantities, and even print an order ticket – all on the fly with Catapult POS.

Online Ordering

At one time, online ordering was considered a luxury or the sort of thing only conglomerates had. Now, online ordering is considered table stakes in the ever more competitive garden centre industry.

Catapult POS eliminates the multiple systems and data silos and provides a completely seamless online ordering system that connects directly to the same in-store inventory database – no extra management or labour required. Because Catapult’s online ordering system is already built in, training and implementing it is extremely simple compared to 3rd party online ordering systems.

When it comes time to have staff head to the greenhouse to pick and pack the orders you have received, Catapult POS makes it even easier with Catapult PickAssist which allows the merchant to use a mobile wireless touch screen tablet to track and scan all of the items in a faster more accurate way with less back tracking and error correction.

Multi-Store Enterprise Management

For garden centres running multiple locations with thousands of skus, you need a POS system that can scale as you grow. Catapult has the enterprise management capabilities you need including automated store data synchronization, centralized inventory and customer files, multi-store capable online ordering, and even supply chain integration with Supplier Gateway technology.

Product Tags, Labels & Signs

Efficient garden centres need to tag their products with effective barcodes and accurate pricing so that both the customer and the merchant can easily identify and scan the merchandise. Trees and shrubs require tie-on plastic loop tags, indoor product require shelf labels, retail sales and promotions require professional product signage, and pots require water resistant vinyl stick on labels. All of which can easily be designed and printed directly from the same centralized POS database you manage all of your other retail products in.

Stop working so hard. With Catapult, the label and sign printing software is built-in! We eliminate the multiple systems required for this and make the process easier by connecting label printing to the garden centres’ POS system.