Catapult Retail POS

Inventory & Supply Chain

Inventory & Supply Chain

Protect your inventory investment. Maximize your supply chain efficiency.

Unless properly managed, inventory shrinkage can erode a considerable amount of any merchant’s resources. It’s important to obtain the tools that will improve operational efficiency while reducing costs. When it comes to managing retail stock, it’s important to understand that if you have the products that customers want, when they want them, sales can improve. That being said, being over stocked on products hoping to sell them can sap a merchant’s cash flow and limit their decision making and ability to react to opportunities. Catapult’s Retail Software suite offers some of the best inventory & supply chain features in the industry to help the retailer strike the right balance between properly stocked and over stocked.

Perpetual Inventory

From the very beginning, Catapult was designed to facilitate out-of-the-box perpetual inventory automation. After over 40 years of practice, Armagh is a Canadian leader in point of sale deployment with a proven track record in helping growing merchants make the shift to live perpetual inventory.

Simplify Day-to-Day Inventory Tasks

Catapult’s ingenious Worksheet system simplifies day to day inventory tasks like physical inventory, purchase orders, and receiving by standardizing the steps required to properly complete each process. Worksheets by their design ensure an accurate recording of all inventory activity so that when questions are asked, the record of inventory movement is readily available with all of the who, what, where, why, and when properly attached.

Inventory Handheld Terminal Assists Supply Chain ManagementInventory Handheld Terminal (HHT)

Regardless of the technology employed to assist the merchant, the management of inventory & supply chain will always be labour intensive for the average retailer. Therefore, any tool that would reduce the time and labour required will further to improve the return on investment that perpetual inventory can provide. The wireless Catapult Inventory Handheld Terminal (HHT) is just such a tool. Designed to put the Catapult worksheet system into the hands of average employees and make the power of Catapult Inventory mobile. It can reduce the effort required for important functions like price checks, labels and signage printing, purchase orders, receiving, inventory transfers, inventory adjustments, and a variety of other functions.

Automatic Reordering

Keep your shelves stocked at the right levels. Using Catapult’s exclusive DemandFill®, proprietary mathematical formulas use embedded artificial intelligence to auto-generate suggested orders based on your actual customer demand. Catapult Retail POS goes beyond the simple Min-Max and Par levels of it’s peers, and instead offers a variety of powerful automatic reorder features that provide intelligent forecasts about future demand in order to place the right inventory orders at the right time with a higher degree of certainty. Now that’s inventory & supply chain automation!

Supplier Gateway

Catapult’s EDI solution, Supplier Gateway™, allows retailers to connect with their vendors to automate the supply chain process and simplify the order experience.

Say goodbye to segmented functionality and silos. Bi-directional data communication between your enterprise and any supplier removes wasted labor or the need for costly third party services. With Catapult’s powerful Supplier Gateway™, suppliers are directly linked to the POS. Retailers can easily manage, track, replenish, and analyze inventory on the sales floor or in the back office–all from one platform.

For those vendors incapable of communicating via EDI, Catapult’s non-EDI solution was built so retailers could easily communicate with small or specialized suppliers, local producers (dairy, meat, produce, etc.), and even directly with the manufacturer, without EDI capabilities.

Warehouse Inventory & Supply Chain Handheld ScannerWarehouse Management

Make costly overstock scenarios a thing of the past and keep closer track of your items. A demand fulfillment solution is only as good as its ability to keep track of your stock and to generate optimized picking routes. Catapult’s Multi-Store Demand Fulfillment (MDF) facilitates a simple, but powerful warehouse environment designed for heavy lifters, not IT staff. MDF’s powerful Situational Awareness provides order and control for all parties involved in the inventory & supply chain processes. Buyers see not only what each store is requesting, but also have objectively-calculated forecast data for each item by store at their fingertips.

Warehouse managers can pull up critical supply data including historical data, on-hand quantities at each store, warehouse inventories, and delivery truck data in just a few clicks. When a store delivery worksheet is ready to be fulfilled, MDF automatically generates a bin/shelf picking sequence outlining the quickest route for processing the order.