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Armagh POS Solutions specialises in providing online ordering solutions to restaurants of all sizes in the St. Catharines area.  Our preferred solution is Global Restaurant POS System which allows you to easily provide a professional online ordering experience. Our solution will help you enhance your restaurant with a professional online ordering system. Contact one of our consultants today to learn more about how we can help you bring your restaurant into the future of automated online ordering fulfillment.

Global Restaurant POS

Online Ordering

Global Restaurant POS Online Ordering

Online Ordering is a Requirement for your Restaurant… Not a Luxury

With Global Restaurant POS, Online Ordering is no additional charge to turn on, there are no transaction commissions, and no additional software fees. Our Online Ordering for restaurant is a complete solution, fully-integrated into Global Restaurant without additional 3rd party middlewares or additional data silos, and will accept and manage online orders automatically and inject them directly into your POS system and print directly to your kitchen printer or kitchen video system. Global Restaurant’s Online Ordering system provides restaurants an easy to manage omni-channel presence at an affordable price for any size restaurant, and gives your guests the ability to order from anywhere with a user-friendly interface styled to fit your brand.
Global Restaurant Online Ordering

Enhance your online presence with a professional online ordering solution

  • Setup is complete in minutes
  • Zero additional menu maintenance
  • 100% mobile and smartphone compatible
  • Seamlessly integrated into Global Restaurant POS app
  • No 3rd Party middleware, no additional data silos
  • Fully supports out of stock items and modifiers
  • Email confirmation to store management
  • Emailed order receipts get sent automatically to the guest
  • Enable the optional texting feature to text guests when orders are ready for pickup
  • Styled to fit your brand
  • Sell Virtual Gift Cards online
  • Carry Out, Curbside, Catering and Delivery Orders
  • Automatic Up-selling to improve customer experience and increase sales
  • Works on any web browser
Global Restaurant POS Built-In Features

Only One Database to Maintain

Third-party integrations can be messy when multiple teams and multiple products are attempted to be meshed together in a configuration that was never intended from the beginning. It’s not impossible to do, but more often than not integration projects are more complex than expected and more expensive than planned. That’s where the cloud hosted Global Restaurant POS suite simplifies things for you.

From Point of Sale, to Mobile App Ordering, to Online Ordering, to Self-Service Kiosk Ordering, Global Restaurant enables the management of the entire menu in a single place. That means you only need to enter your items, change prices, create promotions, run reports – once – freeing you and your staff for more lucrative tasks.

Add in a new menu item or change a price anywhere at anytime from any device and it’s instantly everywhere on all your platforms, wherever you need it to be. Say goodbye to refreshing data on legacy POS systems causing the system to go down while everyone waits for the terminals to re-boot.

No additional software is required and no file servers to buy and maintain. Your online ordering system can be spun up in a matter of minutes not weeks. Now that’s convenient!

Curbside Pickup

Restaurant shopping carts need to accommodate both carry out and curbside pickup. Curbside pickup is not only safer for your staff and dine-in guests, it’s more convenient for your carryout customers! Don’t send your staff out into the parking lot with their hands full of food unless the car is identified before hand through your online ordering system! Global Restaurant POS shopping cart enables you to do this with ease.

With Global Restaurant Online Ordering, enabling Curbside Pickup is one click away, prompting your guest to enter the Make, Model and Color of their vehicle as well as a custom order notification message to inform guests where to park and what number to call upon arrival to help increase speed of service and operate more efficiently.

The vehicle information for Curbside Pickup orders is displayed in the Global Restaurant Point of Sale app and kitchen tickets to help keep your staff safe and efficient, and your guest’s food fresh and hot.

Curbside Pickup
Online Ordering Modifiers Toppings

Toppings Images with Whole, Left Half, and Right Half Options

If a picture says a thousand words then dozens of beautifully curated toppings pictures says exponentially more!

One of the primary purposes of online ordering is to provide guests with an easy to use web portal to place orders without tying up your service staff on the phone answering questions about the menu. The best way to do that is to make sure that your online presence is self-descriptive with lots of descriptions and especially good pictures.

The online solution built-into Global Restaurant POS enables you to upload not only pictures of your menu items but also your add-ons and food modifiers, toppings for a fully immersive and intuitive experience for your guests. The clearer you are able to communicate online, the fewer phone calls and emails your staff have to field and fewer orders are misunderstood by your guests, which improves operational efficiency and increases profits.

Skip The Line Mobile App

Our mobile ordering app, allows guests to “Skip The Line” by placing an online order while on the go directly from the Global Payments Restaurant App on their mobile phone. This creates a faster, more intuitive in-app experience for restaurant guests who want to order from their mobile device rather than a computer desktop. The app also allows the guest to reorder from past orders, simplifying the ordering process and improving the guest experience.

Optionally, guests that use the app can automatically earn loyalty points, which can turn into promotions for products or discounts when they reach specified levels.

The app never stores a customer’s credit card data, instead, an encrypted token is stored with the credit card processor to ensure the guest’s card data is kept secure.

This convenient feature enables a guest to complete future transactions without needing to re-enter their card number, thereby decreasing payment time to 10 seconds or less.

Global Restaurant Mobile Ordering App
Global Restaurant Online Ordering Table Tent

Let Us Improve Your Online Ordering Success

Having an awesome eCommerce site is great, but it’s irrelevant unless you tell your customers about it.

Grow your Online Ordering revenues and improve your guest adoption rate by communicating your online presence regularly and consistently. Let us show you some clever ways to improve your marketing of your omni-channel offerings to your guests.

With our custom branded marketing materials, we can help you promote your brand as well as your online ordering sales. From Flyers, Posters, Promo Cards, Table Tents, and Window Decals, we have you covered.

Automatic Upsell Increase Profits

The fastest way to increase sales is to sell more items to the customers you already have! Not only do your profits improve, but your additional products and services enhance their visit and improve their experience. Online Ordering and Skip The Line App not only provides restaurants the capacity to increase take out revenue, but Global Restaurant can automatically prompt the guest if they would like to add beverages, apps, sides, desserts or any other add on.

This intuitive feature will only prompt when specific items are missing from the shopping cart during checkout, all based on your up-sell criteria. The Global Restaurant cloud managed POS suite allows you to configure different upselling plans by times of day and days of week.

Suggested selling in the online ordering system and Global Restaurant Guest App can improve the customer’s experience even when you’re not there to assist them and have an incredible impact on increasing your restaurant’s annual takeout sales!

Online Ordering Upsell

Easily Control Lead Times

Is the front of house slammed and the kitchen in the weeds? Did your delivery driver just call out sick?

Having an Online Ordering system is critical to your success, but you need complete control of order lead times. Being able to instantly push back order lead times is a must when the kitchen gets behind or unplanned events impact service.

Because Online Ordering is part of the Global Restaurant platform, it’s seamlessly integrated to the POS.

Managers need the ability to instantly change lead prep times for online carry out and delivery orders, or one or the other. Sure, you can take the phone off the hook when the kitchen backs up, but what do you do about online? With Global Restaurant POS, management can flip the switch at the POS or kitchen video system so that you can take better care of the guests inside your restaurant during peak times. Once the rush is over, instantly turn the taps back on as easily as you turned them off!

Platform-Wide Item Out 86 List

Avoid disappointing your guests! It happens to the best of us – sometimes restaurants run out of menu items or ingredients and when that happens Global Restaurant has you covered.

When management sets limited menu item availability counts or 86’s an item in the POS system, those counts are fully recognized across the entire Global Restaurant platform – including Online Ordering and Mobile Guest App ordering system, giving your guests a heads up about low or out of stock menu items.

The Global Restaurant POS Software Suite supports this feature functionality from the Point of Sale, to Handheld, Online Ordering, to Mobile ordering, to Skip The Line, to Self-Service Kiosk ordering, helping you to enhance the guest experience.

Global Restaurant Online Ordering Out of Stock
Global Restaurant Online Ordering eGift Virtual Gift Card

Sell Virtual Gift Cards Online

This feature allows your guests to order virtual eGift Cards online and they will be emailed to themselves or any recipient they choose.

The majority of gift card sales are purchased last minute purchase. This convenient feature provides an intuitive 24/7 gift card sales tool for restaurant guests who want to order gift cards online instead of having to drive to your restaurant to purchase them.

Once they place the order using the shopping cart, customers are prompted to enter a Recipient email address, the name who the Gift Card is from, and an optional message to leave for the Recipient.

Obtaining this important customer service function couldn’t be easier! Implement the online ordering system that comes with Global Restaurant POS!

Online Catering Orders

Many restaurants also provide catering services. Global Restaurant’s Online Ordering system provides an additional online ordering URL (a completely separate shopping cart) to display your catering menu with its own schedule and setting.

Customers can choose to carryout, curbside pickup, or even have the catering order delivered! They can even choose a date and time they would like it to be ready. Regular corporate clients can save their customer profiles and conveniently reorder the same order over and over with only a few clicks.

Catering Online Ordering

Add a button to your restaurant’s website to promote your catering menu and easily receive regular catering orders and have them injected directly to the POS. Once received, catering orders are emailed to management to ensure prompt and accurate delivery.

Email Marketing Customer Engagement

Email Marketing Integration

Marketing works best on the customers you already have! Use Global Restaurant’s online ordering system to automatically collect email addresses from your customers as they place their online orders. With Global’s optional Email Marketing system, the email addresses can be sent right into the email engagement system for periodic or pre-configured automatic emails and promotions.